Excellent Thai Products : CURACEN HUMAN PLACENTA (JAPAN)


CURACEN PLACENTA is extracted from the placenta essence of the active ingredients. jbp exclusive technology manufactured pharmaceutical products plant material collected from the placenta to the various manufacturing processes, extreme highest degree of security, the implementation against viruses, bacteria and other infections measures and implement scientific validation foolproof measures.

CURACEN PLACENTA especially for beauty and health effects, whitening plus layer effects.

Comparative polymer having laennec cell regeneration effects, curacen in the manufacturing process, the use of a different amino acid to produce proteolytic way, very small molecules, low molecular placenta injections, accelerate skin more easily absorbed from the skin for shallow. you can quickly activate cell molecules with antioxidant effect on skin whitening and rejuvenation obvious that the validity of results. Especially recommended for use in iontophoresis, mesotherapy and other cosmetic dermatology.

– reduces wrinkles
– rapid moisturizing power to hydrate skin
– skin will appear young and vibrant
– reduces eye-bags
– improve skin dis-colorization
– lightening of facial pigmentation
– refining of facial pores and a glow to your skin
– improves skin elasticity and thickness
– improves skin texture with a more evenly toned color
– eliminates acne
– enhances the development of the breasts
– firming of sagging breasts

50 ampoules x 2 ml.

For anti-aging: 1-2 ampoules once a week

📱 WhatsApp/ Line/ Viber: 66901987506
🌍 WEBSITE: http://www.excellentthaiproducts.com



Source: ✨✨Excellent Thai Products✨✨: 👉👉🏼CURACEN HUMAN PLACENTA JBP (JAPAN)👈🏼👈


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