Excellent Thai Products : CYTOCARE 532 ACID HYALURONIQUE


In addition to Bio-revitalization Revitacare, the laboratory has developed Revitacare line CytoCare which includes three different concentrations of hyaluronic acid: 32 mg, 16 mg and 2 mg.

The nutrient medium of CytoCare remains the same, but it is logical and necessary to provide multiple levels of hyaluronic acid to treat each patient’s age and healthy all skin types:

– Skin revitalization, moisturizing, and stretching,
– Removal of all the smaller folds, creases, and wrinkles,
– Eliminating the harmful effects of aging process,
– Regeneration of the skin damaged due to excessive exposition to changing weather conditions or chemical substances,
– Supporting the skin gloss regaining therapy.

The Cytocare 532 is the top of the Cytocare Range
This product belongs to the Cytocare range and consists of a combined formula of rejuvenating complex CT50 and Hyaluronic acid of 32mg. The Cytocare 532 has special features. This product amazingly reduces wrinkles,helps the patients to correct skin ageing process. Its unique ingredients restore tonicity and elasticity of the skin. The high hydration and improved radiance are also the result of the Cytocare 532.

What Cytocare 532 Does?
Cytocare 532 will help you find the perfect solution for a non-surgical way of improving your skin.Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. The biological capital of the skin is preserved and the effects of aging actually repelled. Hydration young skin can thus be maintained, the biological balance and youthfulness are kept. The hydration of mature skin is found and restored. The radiance of the skin improves, the complexion becomes brighter, more supple skin. The skin is restructured, with a very natural result.

It Is Important To Know!!
Undoubtedly, you should consult with your doctor before using any kind of medical intervention towards your skin.Thus, make sure that you have consulted with your doctor as the Cytocare 523 injection is a serious step to take. Injection of this product requires technical medical procedure that must be completed imperatively by a doctor (physician specializing in aesthetic dermal dermatologist plastic surgeon). Therefore, you should not buy the product and make the procedure by yourself. You will need a professional,medical assistance. And this is the only thing you will need to do and become even more beautiful than you are now. The Cytocare 523 is your best friend in non-surgical assistance.
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