Excellent Thai Products: MESOAGE L-CARNITINE 4G (USA)


L-Carnitine–A subtances which is naturally present in the skin. It supports the conversion offats components intoenergy and to reduce superficial adiposity increases the use of fat as an energy source by transporting liberated fat into the mitochondria so that it can be burned as energy. L-Carnitine is used to treat cellulite and weight loss by helping metabolize stored fats into energy during physical activity.

Cellulite is a condition in which abnormal “nodules” of fat form in the midsection and thighs, more commonly in women than men. This gives the appearance of a ruffling of the skin. The condition is caused by abnormal physiology in the skin and subcutaneous fat. It involves a type of insufficiency in the venolymphatic system. Mesotherapy injections are given to not only improve the venous and lymphatic flow, but to also break down the fat nodules.
The solutions generally consist of a vasodilator, lymph flow stimulator, and an anesthetic.

Because cellulite involves an abnormality in fat accumulation, Mesotherapy injections should be done in conjunction with a comprehensive natural medicine program designed to improve overall metabolism. This would have the effect of increasing weight loss and improving overall health. Hormone imbalances are often at the core of the problem and need to be corrected to have maximum benefits. If the underlying physiology is corrected and maintained, then Mesotherapy is done in an initial series. If it recurs, then the process will need to be repeated.


– L-carnitine 4000mg/10ml
-Vitamin B5 500mg
-Vitamin B6 500mg
Available in 10ml multidose vials.


-Anti Cellulite

Once every 7-10 days.


10 ml. x 10 Vials
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Source: ✨✨Excellent Thai Products✨✨: MESOAGE L-CARNITINE 4G (USA)


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