Bcan BETA GLUCAN PURE GLUCAN SMALLEST MOLECULE 2 MICRON by ✨️️️⚡Excellent Thai Products⚡✨️️️

Bcan BETA GLUCAN 1,3/1,6 D GLUCAN SMALLEST MOLECULE NO.1 IN THE WORLD ONLY 2 MICRON made from Pure Glucan Extract from Yeast Bread Recipes.

1. Bcan BETA GLUCAN is a Pure beta glucan produced from yeast bread recipes until the check out the Science 1,3 / 1,6 D Glucan can be explained by the simple principle that the formulation of beta-1,3 is a stub. glucan needed to be caught on the branches of beta glucan 1,6 only to the highest performing products that contain beta-1,3-glucan-only beta glucan may not be the best. Consumers need to take into account the component to the end that is nothing if not a 1,3 / 1,6 d glucan that is not the best part.

2. Bcan BETA GLUCAN is the only product available in Thailand. Get Patent Intellectual Property Protection In the process of beta glucan from yeast.

✨✨Effectiveness And Smallest Molecular size no.1 in The World only 2 Micron✨✨

3. Process Manufacturing And raw material efficiency, resulting in a product when Bcan Consumers eat it Will not cause the capture again. (Re-aggregation) refers to particles Bcan of the smallest in the world (2 micron) particles to coagulate into larger when eaten. As a result, the body can absorb it to work effectively.

4. Bcan BETA GLUCAN as beta glucan produced in Thailand by ⚜Prof. Dr. Ong Shiny appearance as a Consultant in the Royal Chitralada Project, ⚜ which has been certified as a product extracted from Yeast bread nor effective production of brewer’s yeast. According to the claims in any way.

5. Purity And the performance of Bcan containing 1,3 / 1,6 D Glucan up to 150 mg / capsule, enabling consumers to be physically present in normal condition Can eat just one capsule a day is only one that can take up to two months in the bottle at the same time. Compared to other brands in the market already. Many brands to a mixture of 1,3 / 1,6 d glucan little inadequate to the needs of the body. The price is also higher than Bcan so consumers should look at the label on the bottle and mix well. To prevent misunderstandings from advertising !!!!

6. Bcan BETA GLUCAN Vitamin C PE from 350 mg / capsule because research found. The function of beta glucan works well when it works together with vitamin C. The vitamin C Bcan chose to enter into the pure. To enhance the function of beta-glucan to be more efficient. So it was that When consumers eat Bcan only 1 capsule will be pure beta glucan 1,3 / 1,6 D Glucan in sufficient quantities to meet demand and enhance the function of vitamin C, beta-glucan simultaneously. No purchase is necessary to eat more vitamin C in any way.

Products available in the market. Are contaminating proteins And a fat lot Will result in a beta glucan were not pure. Consumers need to be thoroughly investigated. The source of beta-glucan product’s or you may be tricked into eating a skewed line glucan inefficient. Prices were inflated !!!

“The important thing to remember is that” Bcan BETA GLUCAN 1,3 / 1,6 D Glucan Beta Glucan is a research possible. And have proved The substance is most effective in supporting the immune system in those with beta glucan friendly “Therefore, the product should be selected from a pure source. The amount of beta glucan effectively. The size of the particles

Bcan BETA GLUCAN produced by the beta glucan 1,3 / 1,6 D Glucan 600 mg a particle size of the smallest in the world today is 2 microns and certified patent application in production. Thus proving that Bcan BETA GLUCAN product is effective. And most reliable current

Take 1 capsule/day with temperature room water on empty stomach or before breakfast 1 hour everyday.

60 Capsules/Box

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Source: Bcan BETA GLUCAN PURE GLUCAN SMALLEST MOLECULE 2 MICRON by ✨️️️⚡Excellent Thai Products⚡✨️️️


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